WENRA Spring Plenary Meeting 2018

Posted May 22, 2018, 9:42 a.m.

The 2018 WENRA spring plenary meeting was held on 25 - 26 April in Ghent, Belgium. It was hosted by the Belgian nuclear safety authority FANC and its subsidiary BELV. During the meeting, the FANC Director General Jan Bens and BELV General Manager Benoit De Boeck who are both retiring were thanked for their long and rewarding service as WENRA members.

With its 20th Anniversary approaching in 2019, the WENRA members have tasked the WENRA Chair to hold strategic discussions with regard to WENRA’s future activities, strategic objectives, mission, vision and other relevant issues.

 “Over the past 20 years, WENRA has built up an international reputation as an independent expert body and reliable partner for the most important stakeholders in all matters relating to nuclear safety”, said WENRA chair Hans Wanner.  “For me, one of the main advantages with WENRA is its ability to react quickly and strongly to new challenges related to nuclear safety, and its readiness to discuss difficult questions in an open and constructive manner. This strategic discussion is aimed to further strengthen theses aspects of WENRA and prepare it for the next 20 years.”  The discussion is ongoing and the results and possible actions will be presented at the next WENRA plenary meeting.

During the meeting in Ghent the Reactor Harmonisation Working Group also presented the finished reports on the peer review of the implementation of the 2014 Safety Reference Levels in the member countries, and their status of implementation. The reports will be published shortly. WENRA also approved issuing a WENRA recommendation on carbon segregation, which will also be published shortly.  

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