WGWD Report on Decommissioning SRLs V2.2

Posted Oct. 15, 2015, 5:30 p.m.


A little more than one year after WENRA presented the final version of its waste and spent fuel storage report (Ver.2.2)  the final version 2.2 of the decommissioning report is now publicly available.

In part III of this report all WENRA countries have documented their efforts to update their national regulations regarding the previously released set of reference levels as of the 2012 report version 2.1. Country specific fact sheets and status tables have been added in this final version of the report as well as a comprehensive description of the whole procedure. With the publication of this final report version (V2.2) the Working Group on Waste and Decommissioning (WGWD) has completed its second task (after the waste and spent fuel report) in implementing a harmonized basis for the safety of decommissioning projects in all WENRA member countries. WENRA directors in their 2015 spring meeting approved the conclusions as documented in the final report.

According to Stefan Theis, chairman of WGWD, the working group is now half-way through to the final goal of covering all safety relevant activities in the back end by a comprehensive set of reference levels, which are implemented in any WENRA-member country. Current WGWD-activities cover the self-assessment and subsequent benchmarking of the already published disposal SRLs and establishing a similar set of SRLs for the processing of radioactive waste and spent fuel, which is still ongoing.


WGWD Report on Decommissioning SRLs V2.2

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